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Skincare Routine.......What's yours & is it right?

Hey beautiful people!!! As always I only write when I have something to say LOL. Well today I was watching several videos on skincare routines on social media and needless to say it was alarming! Products was being used out of order, the product of choice wasn't what the company said it was which made the user seem clueless. Well that's why I am here to help you sort it out, get a healthy routine and know how products are suppose to work together in order to improve your skin.

Let's dive into what products go into a skincare (facial) routine. You have cleansers, exfoliants, moisturizers (day, night, ), toners, masks, eye creams, serums and lets not forget SPF if not already in your moisturizer. There is a systematic way that these should be used. For example: an exfoliant should be used no more than twice per week. Too much exfoliation causes damage to the outer layer and could disrupt the acid mantle and lipid barrier. Serums can be moisturizing but can not substitute as a moisturizer because they have 2 totally different functions in which we will cover that shortly. When completing your routine include your neck as it is just as gentle as your face and needs proper care in order not to wrinkle and sag from TEWL. (transepidermal water loss)

Ok let's really get started.

  1. The first step in any facial care routine is cleansing. Depending on your skin type you should choose a cleanser that fits. For instance if you have dry skin you should look for products that have oils that are have a high oleic acid content. While oily skin should avoid them. Oily skin would benefit from oils with more linoleic acid.

  2. Now here is where some people get confused. On an exfoliation day some will apply their mask first then exfoliate. However this is counter productive from studies. After cleansing your face you should exfoliate if this is the day you choose to exfoliate. Remember to exfoliate to remove dying skin cells ( a cell is not dead until it falls off) and clean out pores.

  3. Depending on the type of facial mask you get you may only be able to use it 1-2 time per week where as others can be used more often. Masks that kill skin cells for rejuvenation purposes should be used once per week just like most esthetics procedures. They trick the brain into thinking that the skin has under gone trauma then it produces new cells. However I believe that the body and its functions should function as naturally as possible. Any disruption to that natural function will cause more damage. Products should support the natural function not manipulate it.

  4. Toners is a personal choice and should be used before serums and moisturizers. Toners are used to remove any last traces of dirt and grime from the pores while restoring the pH level and can also improve skin tone. If you have a good cleanser toners are not mandatory.

  5. Serums. As you can see serums is next in the routine. This means that its function is NOT to moisturize, but formulated to deliver high concentrations of specific active ingredients. Serums should definitely be chosen based on they type of skin you have. They SHOULD NOT sit on top of the skin. If you are using a serum that lays on top of the skin then it is NOT a serum but a moisturizer. Serums are fast absorbing and penetrate the skin.

  6. Moisturizers, day creams, night creams and SPFs. As we age we tend to get fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and eye creams are formulated to fill in those areas and make them appear plumper. Day/night creams are very different. Day creams usually include an SPF and is light weight allowing the application of make up to be easy. Night cream is a little heavier and contain ingredients that work well while we are sleeping and away from the sun and outside elements.

SO lets review LOL







When moisturizing please do not forget the neck. The same when you apply make up you blend it down to your neck so the same rule apply to moisturizing. The skin on your neck is just as fragile as the skin on your face. It is important to know your skin type before making a purchase. If you do not know, ask a professional and then make the right selection. Skincare can be extremely expensive and you don't want to waste money or ruin your skin for that matter.

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