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Starting a business.....More like walking in the dark with a blindfold on!

Oh boy!! When I realized I wanted to start a business I thought oh this will be a breeze. TUH!!!!! It has been anything but easy. I would never tell anyone not to start a business especially if they are passionate about it. There are days i want to cry and throw in the towel then I am reminded as to why I chose to do this. I think I made every beginner mistake possible and still make some. The bright side is I am not making the same mistake twice LOL.

I signed up for the state sales tax ID number as I was advised to do. However I should have done way more research because I started getting these letters stating that I owed back taxes from months ago. I cant tell you how nervous I was. I thought I would pass out. But I called and they explained to me the steps I needed to take to clear up the mix up. This was music to my ears because I am sure if you ever had a job of any kind or have your own business now the important part is the money. If the money isn't calculated and accounted for properly.......well that is a fight I do not want to be in.

There are so many online suggestions and how to's on the correct way to start up that it gets confusing and frustrating. My advice is to take your time, ask questions, and of course have a plan or idea written out of what you want. I wrote and initial business plan but since then I have altered it as we grew. My expectations are higher, we are producing and testing new products and all of these changes have to be documented. I am sure that if you guys ever saw my office you would wonder how I keep everything together. Well their is a method to my madness LOL. I believe every artisan has that "messy" work space every now and then.

Although we have been in business for a little over a year officially we are just beginning and have a very long way to go.

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